How to connect an H-BRIDGE DUAL Motor driver module to the Arduino


In this tutorial, you will learn how to connect the H-BRIDGE DUAL Motor driver module to t.he arduino and drive two dc motors at 9v


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Difficulty:  Beginner

Submitted by: Gideon

Date: 28th January, 2018


This H-Bridge dual motor driver module uses the L298N dual full-bridge driver. It is a high voltage, high current dual full-bridge driver designed to accept standard TTL logic levels and drive inductive loads such as relays, solenoids, DC and stepping motors.


The driver can drive up to two motors. The H-Bridge dual motor driver module is connected to the arduino where it receives signals. The signal pins on the driver are four, two for  each motor. One signal pin makes the motor move in a particular direction of rotation but the other one makes it move the opposite way. This same principle works for the other motor. The driver receives an input voltage from 5v to 12v . There is a voltage regulator that sets the voltage down. This power source can be used to power the arduino board.

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Here is a complete list of components needed for this circuit

  • Arduino Nano
  • Bread board(optional)
  • Male- female Jumper wires
  • H-Bridge dual motor driver

This is how the H-bridge looks like. It has two terminal blocks which each side has a motor with two wires connecting to it. This tutorial will require the driver to power two motors in a robot. The four signal pins connect to the arduino GPIO pins and the power(GND and 5v ) goes to the power of the arduino.


This is how the motor driver is connected to arduino, the  GND on the motor driver connects to the GND of arduino, 5V of the motor driver  connects to the VIN on arduino to supply power.  A battery source of 5V to 9V ‘s positive terminal  is connected the 12+ terminal port and the battery ground is connected to the ground of the motor driver. Connect the two motor wires to the two-pin terminal block. Do for the other motor. At the positive terminal of the battery, you can fix a switch which will be used to control and the on and off state of the project.

Here is a fritzing diagram of how the components are connected to the arduino and motors.

During the coding, it must be ensured that a motor’s both directions are not declared HIGH at an instance. When that happens, the motor will be stationary, wondering which command to obey or refuse. At any time, only one direction of one motor is supposed to be HIGH.

int motor1clockwise=3; // motor one clockwise signal connected to pin 3
int motor1anticlockwise=4; //motor one anticlockwise signal connected to pin 4
int motor2clockwise=5; //motor two clockwise signal connected to pin 5
int motor2anticlockwise=6; // motor two anticlockwise signal connected to pin 6

void setup(){
//  declare all motor pins as OUTPUTS


void loop(){

digitalWrite(motor1clockwise,HIGH); //move motor one clockwise
digitalWrite(motor1clockwise,LOW); //stop motor one clockwise

digitalWrite(motor1anticlockwise,HIGH); //move motor one anticlockwise
digitalWrite(motor1anticlockwise,LOW); //stop motor one anticlockwise

digitalWrite(motor2clockwise,HIGH); //move motor two clockwise
digitalWrite(motor2clockwise,LOW); // stop motor two clockwise

digitalWrite(motor2anticlockwise,HIGH); //move motor two anticlockwise
digitalWrite(motor2anticlockwise,LOW); // stop motor two anticlockwise


Here is the complete assembly of the circuitary that is controlling two motors and causing them to move anticlockwise and clockwise in turns every second.


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