This is the first in a series of tutorials  in which you will learn how to use Fritzing. In this tutorial, you are going to learn what Fritzing is and how to install it unto your computer.

Fritzing is a great open source tool which makes electronics accessible for everyone.  Fritzing allows you to easily prototype and share your electronic projects. It is also a great resource for teaching electronic in classrooms and elsewhere!

With Fritzing, you can design your circuit or schematic in a nice, visually appealing interface. The software comes with a lot of electronic parts from LEDs to microcontrollers which you can use in your design. You can also design your own custom electronic part, sensor, module, or anything at all, use in your project and share with the rest of the Fritzing community.


Example of a circuit designed in Fritzing


another example of a circuit built with Fritzing

What’s really cool about Fritzing is that you can easily use it to generate professional PCB designs out of your schematic designs and have them manufactured.

Since Fritzing is open source, everyone can contribute to the development of the software, design new parts and share with the community and much more.  It is also free to download and use.

In Our next post we are going to learn how to design circuits using Fritzing but before then be sure to visit  the download page on the Fritzing site to download the latest Fritzing version for your operating system.

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